Come and see what church is like when everyone is welcomed, everyone is accepted, and everyone is loved. We meet for worship on Sunday afternoons at 10am at 701 Beach DR NE in St Petersburg, Florida.


After you've visited for worship, we encourage you to find a weeknight small group that will help you find connection with our church family, help you work through some of your spiritual questions, and give you a safe place to talk about anything that's bothering you.

If you're interested in joining a small group, click here.

If you feel like Redeeming Church is becoming your spiritual family, we encourage you to consider partnering with us in our annual membership covenant. Renewed each January, (but you can start anytime!) this covenant represents our tangible commitments to one another as we make this spiritual journey together. Here is the text of the covenant for you to prayerfully consider...


I, ______________________, having been called into fellowship with the people of Redeeming Church, promise and covenant to promote my own spiritual health, the spiritual health of my family, and the vision and work of the church. I will fulfill this covenant in three ways in 2018:

  1. By committing to develop my faith through private devotion and public worship, and encourage the spiritual growth of my family and friends.

  2. By committing to live out our hope for justice and to work for the coming of the Kingdom by supporting the mission and ministry of the church with my time and talent.

  3. By committing to show my love for God and for the work of the church by giving generously to the church, which in turn will give to the poor, to cooperative mission, and to the work of Redeeming Church in our city. I estimate my gifts to total $__________ in 2018.